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Global E-commerce Outlook 2021

What is driving e-commerce growth in different markets?

2021 年 06 月 17 日 20 分鐘 閱讀


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E-commerce is driving robust industrial & logistics property demand. CBRE’s Global Research has conducted an analysis of how e-commerce’s future growth will impact industrial & logistics markets worldwide. Our analysis included:

  • Studying 43 global markets
  • Exploring 27 factors driving e-commerce
  • Identifying 6 key drivers that best explain e-commerce penetration
  • Creating an index to measure the strength of these drivers in different markets
  • Forecasting e-commerce penetration in each market and the additional logistics space required to satisfy demand

Midyear Industrial Market Update and E-Commerce Spotlight

In this CBRE Roundtable industry experts reviewed the drivers of e-commerce growth across markets and the implications on industrial real estate, as well as market fundamentals and trends in leasing, capital markets, development and debt markets.