What has recently changed in the food and beverage industry in APAC?

The biggest change in the F&B industry is that people in APAC countries don’t eat out on occasions but eat out for social engagement and experience. The increase in family revenue, urbanization, social gathering culture and consumerism have led to this change.

F&B is no longer a means to only complete the retail experience, but possesses the ability to elevate, and sometimes be the unique retail experience for a consumer.

Several business sectors are concerned such as restaurants, hotels, cafés, fast food outlets, pubs and lounges.

How does the real estate sector respond?

  • More space in appropriate locations (shopping malls, high streets…)
  • F&B becomes a key component of office buildings and business parks.
  • Creation of temporary units or pop-up stores, etc.

What type of information can you find in these Food and Beverage Research Reports ?

  • Statistics and Trends for Food and Beverage Industry
  • Recommendation for F&B operators and landlords (restaurants, hotels)
  • Business opportunities for Food and Beverage companies

Below are F&B reports with detailed country-level insights into the Food and Beverage evolution. CBRE Asia Pacific Research conducted a survey among thousands of restaurants in key locations of Hong Kong (Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok), India (Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore) and Australia (Sydney).

Our Latest Reports

Hong Kong Viewpoint
Taking a bite out of retail:

Exploring Hong Kong F&B growth opportunities

United States
Food In Demand: Consumers

CBRE examines consumers' food and beverage spending and its influence on real estate

Appetite for Disruption

Staying ahead of the game in Singapore's F&B scene

Food For Thought

Demystifying the Opportunities in F&B Retail

The Impact of Cafes and Coffee Shops

The Changing Landscape of F&B in Sydney's CBD

Hong Kong
Hunger for Growth

Unlocking Opportunities in Hong Kong Food & Beverage Retail



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