Jonathan Chau

Executive Director, Head of Investment Property & Private Office, Capital Markets, Hong Kong

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Level 27, One Pacific Place
88 Queensway, Admiralty
Hong Kong

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Mr. Jonathan Chau is Head of Capital Markets Hong Kong and Head of the Investment Property & Private Office at CBRE Limited.

Jonathan graduated in Communications with a Minor in Publishing from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Having joined Savills (Hong Kong) Limited in July of 2006, he began as a management trainee for the Investment Department and was eventually transitioned to be a part of the Commercial En-Bloc and Development Site Sales team.

In his earlier years with Investment from 2007 to 2021, he was part of the project teams that successfully disposed some of the most significant deals in the market during that period (namely 1) 68 Yee Wo Street (in 2007 for HK$1.56 Billion), 2) Trade Square (in 2008 for HK$1.518 Billion), 3) The Merrill Lynch Portfolio (in 2009 for HK$1.59 Billion), 4) Fitfort (in 2009 for HK$935,000,000), and 5) 169 Electric Road (twice, in 2010 for HK$2.25 Billion, and in 2012 for HK$3.15 Billion).

After concluding a further HK$15 Billion worth of transactions from 2012-2014, Jonathan was asked to head the newly-formed Projects and Business Integration (PBI) team with the Investment Sales department in 2015 to help reinvigorate the department in making sure the business team stays as Innovators within the property market and industry. In 2015, this team was responsible for approximately HK$6 Billion of transactions. Since then, from 2016-2018 YTD, the PBI team completed over HK$35 Billion of transactions averaging over 15 deals per year.

In 2019, Jonathan was asked to head the newly formed “Investment Private Office” Department, which primarily focuses on the relationship management of High-Net-Worth Families, Institutional Funds, and Boutique Developers while also providing disposal services include Private Treaty, Tender (public or private), and Public Auction.