Edgar Tse

Senior Director, Head of Enterprise Account, Global Workplace Solution (GWS), Hong Kong

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Professional Experience

Edgar Tse is Country Director, Enterprise Accounts for Hong Kong, with overall responsibility for the Enterprise Accounts Hong Kong Platform. He is also a member of CBRE APAC Enterprise Accounts Executive Committee.

Edgar joined CBRE in 2013 as Project Director for Project Management, prior he was Head of Projects for Macquarie Asia. Between 2014-2015 Edgar led two flagship projects at One Bay East for two of our key clients, the two projects cover over 800,000 sq.ft. of office and commercial space. He took on the business leadership role in managing the Hong Kong Project Management business in 2019. His main responsibilities include supporting both local business initiatives and regional operating platforms to assist clients’ overall strategy, deliver efficient project management solutions, build long-term client relationships and drive collaborative business growth for CBRE.

In 2021 he was promoted to his current role overseeing Enterprise Accounts, Hong Kong, supporting our clients in creating the real estate solutions for tomorrow, so businesses and people thrive.