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Hong Kong Viewpoint - Tapping into New Growth Opportunities in the F&B Market

November 23, 2022


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The F&B segment has been performing relatively better than general retail trades since the onset of Hong Kong’s retail market downturn. The pandemic has driven a shift in customer habits and behaviour, with hygiene and safety emerging as more important and takeout and delivery becoming more popular. This has led to a substantial change in F&B practices and operations.

New ways of living and the gradual normalisation of Hong Kong’s economy will present F&B operators with significant opportunities for business growth. New developments on both sides of Victoria Harbour, including social amenities alongside waterfront promenades as well as emerging commercial clusters, will inject vitality into existing and emerging districts and drive new demand for dining facilities.

This report examines how the F&B sector has performed since the onset of the wider retail market downturn; identifies the changes in the sector since the pandemic; and provides recommendations for F&B operators seeking new opportunities and hotspots in Hong Kong.