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Hong Kong Infrastructure Outlook - Opportunities in the Future Metropolis

March 29, 2022

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Last year, the HKSAR government announced ambitious strategies to spearhead a dual metropolis city development model for Hong Kong’s long-term future. The plan to build a Northern Metropolis in the New Territories and extend the city’s urban core for a Harbour Metropolis will accommodate the city’s future economic and population growth in accordance with China’s 14th Five-year plan and further integration with the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Transport infrastructure will take on a more prominent role in the next two decades to facilitate the population shift between Hong Kong’s urban core and the future metropolises in the New Territories.

This CBRE report provides a holistic view of Hong Kong’s development blueprint and what it means for the city’s real estate market by profiling the city’s future infrastructure projects, new development areas including the Northern Metropolis and Harbour Metropolis; analysing future population growth and real estate supply; and summarising major government- and private sector-led pedestrian enhancement schemes.

Hong Kong Real Estate Market Outlook 2022

Harnessing Growth, Navigating Uncertainty