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Reentering the World's Workplaces

Landlord Briefing Guide, presented by CBRE Property Management

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COVID-19 has caused significant disruption across the globe, and the path to recovery evolves each day. As businesses prepare for employees, clients and tenants to make a full reentry into the workplace, CBRE Property Management has developed detailed guidance for landlords and asset managers, wherever they are in the response-to-recovery process.

Our Landlord Briefing Guide addresses the following key areas, providing specific advice, recommendations and guidelines that can be implemented at individual properties.

  1. Ongoing Building Management and Evolution

    Considerations of services and technology tools for the evolution and improvement of your building experience and operations moving into the future.

  2. Planning for Reentry

    Considerations and discussion points to create a tailored plan for your asset across all aspects of the operational landscape.

  3. Welcoming Tenants Back

    Operational standards and best practices to address new tenant expectations of protocols, social distancing practices, building health & safety standards and communications.

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