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Our global research expertise extends to a number of regions, including the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA.

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Asia Pacific Research Reports




Vietnam Market Outlook 2018

Vietnam Major Report | March 2018

A great number of positive signals regarding economic development indicate a promising year ahead. While concerns remain over the stability of future credit growth, Vietnam is expected to further develop its economy in 2018 with strong inflow of foreign investment. Commercial leasing activities will continue to be active, with rental growth and occupancy levels expected to witness sustained improvements across all property types.

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Bangkok Market Outlook 2018

Thailand Major Report | March 2018

The new year has started with a mood of optimism for the Thai economy lifted by an upbeat global outlook.

Developers are competing fiercely for prime development sites, driving up prices to record levels and both condominium prices and office rents are at record highs.

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America's Cup

New Zealand Major Report | March 2018

America’s Cup regattas have significant impacts on host city economies. The 2003 Auckland event generated a net expenditure of $523 million, and estimates range between $403 and $892 million for Cup related expenditure being generated by the 2021 event with an economic impact of up to $977 million possible.

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Korea Market Outlook 2018

Korea Major Report | February 2018

With continued low growth anticipated, the better-than-expected domestic economic performance in 2017, combined with the gradual global economic recovery is expected to provide a solid base for steady economic growth in 2018.

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Greater China Market Outlook 2018

China Major Report | February 2018

The co-working sector saw rapid growth in Greater China in 2017, expanding its footprint by around 70-80% in Hong Kong anad other major cities, although Taiwan lagged behind. In addition to strong demand from start-ups, co-working centres' ability to offer higher flexibility and lower costs is attracting an increasing number of medium-to-large enterprises utilising co-working space as a new component of their corporate real estate strategy.

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Japan Market Outlook 2018

Japan Major Report | February 2018

Japan economy is expected to continue it's moderate growth, with low inflation and low interest rates, which should also keep cap rates at current low levels.

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Malaysia Market Outlook 2018

Malaysia Major Report | February 2018

Malaysia’s economy kicked-off 2017 with great momentum to the surprise of many, it then prompted Bank Negara to revise annual GDP growth forecast upwards to 4.8% and above.

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Singapore Market Outlook 2018

Singapore Major Report | February 2018

Supported by the strong rebound in the manufacturing sector and a synchronised recovery in global economies, Singapore’s annual GDP growth of 3.6% in 2017 surpassed initial estimates. While growth is expected to moderate in 2018, the continued focus on digitisation and transformation of Singapore’s key industries will help pave the way for more sustainable growth in the longer term.

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Australia Market Outlook 2018

Australia Major Report | February 2018

The Australian economy is expected to remain in a low and steady growth phase, but with a different mix of drivers as the residential sector starts to detract from growth, whilst non-mining CAPEX plans look to have improved.

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Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook 2018

Asia Pacific Major Report | February 2018

Despite slower macroeconomic growth and steady demand for real estate, the regional business landscape is set to undergo significant change in 2018. Technological innovation will challenge the status quo; new companies and industries will emerge; end-users will be more vocal and opinionated; and the era of yield compression will end.

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Arrival of the Tech Age - Is India CRE Ready to Embrace the Change?

Arrival of the Tech Age - Is India CRE Ready to Embrace the Change?

APAC Major Report | February 2018

The technological revolution that we see around us is reversing the order of corporate real estate. In knowledge-driven economies of the future, companies’ decisions would be driven by the need for connectivity and accessibility, as well as talent attraction and retention.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality: Revolutionising Real Estate

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Revolutionising Real Estate

APAC Major Report | January 2018

Learn more about how virtual and augmented reality are revolutionising real estate.

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The Next Wave of Capital Deployment: New strategies for fund managers

The Next Wave of Capital Deployment: New strategies for fund managers

Asia Pacific Major Report | January 2018

Private equity real estate fund raising activity in Asia Pacific has recovered in recent years as investors refocus on the region. US$42 billion of capital was raised by Asia Pacific focused closed-end real estate funds formed between 2014 and Q3 2017, which translates to around US$116 billion (post leverage) of purchasing power.

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