Hong Kong EXCO 50/50

Rita Wong

Executive Director, Head of Valuation & Consulting, Greater China, CBRE


Have you come across any setbacks in your career?

We constantly need to make choices, both in our life and our career. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes the outcomes are not as great as I’d hoped. However, I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors, both male and female, who have helped me to navigate my career milestones.

In your opinion, what has been most effective in building an inclusive and diverse workplace?

Diversity and inclusion are empty words without a supportive culture. CBRE management has made this one of the top workplace priorities, impressing each and every one of us with the need to make inclusivity an integral part of our working life.

You have been at the top of your game for some years. How did you differentiate yourself from your peers?

We’re living in a fast-changing world, where the roles, rules of the games, and boundaries are continuously evolving. I have always respected the importance of diverse perspectives in developing and shaping great ideas. Difference is our differentiator, and I hope my years of experience add richness to the firm and the people I work with.

Given the new normal, how do you think young professionals can stand out in their roles and progress within their career?

Clearly, the ability to be agile, resilient, open minded and forward-thinking is vital in an unpredictable environment. However, I still believe there is no substitute for dedication and hard work.