Hong Kong EXCO 50/50

Ada Fung

Executive Director, Head of Office Services, Advisory & Transaction, Hong Kong


What influence has CBRE’s culture of diversity had on your own career?

I have had the opportunities to work in Project Management, Sales Management and Office Services in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. This broad exposure helped me to grow and develop personally and professionally as I worked with a great bunch of managers and teams, each with unique skill sets.

In a relatively male-dominated industry, how do you make yourself heard and influence others?

I try not to let gender influence discussions in any way. I’ve found that success and influence are dependent on leadership attributes rather than gender. To me, that that’s what equality is about.

What advice do you have for other female professionals who aspire to take their career to the next level?

Start by considering how you see the world and whether anything needs to change – for example, are you holding yourself and others back by stereotyping according to gender? Remember that, in a company with an inclusive culture, you’ll be assessed according to your competence and credibility.