How does CBRE VANTAGE make a difference to your Commercial Real Estate Project?

Below are our 4 areas of expertise:


CBRE VANTAGE has developed 3 complementary tools that help clients and stakeholders to visualize a space or a building in various ways. Interactive 3D architectural visualization is all about providing the right user experience which allows significantly better results.

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Business Intelligence

8 Powerful software are made directly available to our clients to guide their real estate decision making. They will tell you all about property value, best place to invest, cost saving opportunities, presented on a real-time Business Intelligence dashboard.

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Smart Building Management

Pulse is an easy-to-use online property management system that covers the entire needs of any commercial properties. Our clients now have access to Custom Analytic Reporting Tools and can monitor the building operations.

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Experience & Engagement

Host app aims to create the best possible workplace environment. Our mission is to increase individual well-being, personal productivity and organizational effectiveness through people-led, technology-enabled services.

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Floored Build

Virtual tour Software (3D)

Real estate professionals and tenants can visualize spaces that do not exist or explore properties from every angle.

Floored Plans

Interactive 2D & 3D Test-Fits

Interactive floor plan creator that puts commercial real estate professionals in control of their test fits. It includes personalised design themes, panoramic views.


Workplace Optimization

Define your future workplace with CBRE’s custom space recommendation tool including 2D and 3D floor plan visualization.

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Business Intelligence


Property Valuation

APAC valuation management platform which delivers market data analysis for better real estate decision making.


Property Value Database

Smart property tool which provides a database of over 150,000 building, 100,000 leases and 10 million square meters of leasing data in APAC.


Business Intelligence Dashboard

Data Source agnostic platform which generates real time results across property management, financial and retail analysis, procurement, facility management.

Portfolio Optimizer

Strategy & Market Intelligence Platform

Powerful software that combines client portfolio information with commercial real estate data to identify cost saving opportunities and efficiencies.


Transaction Management System

Real time web-based dashboard that enables real estate professionals to stay informed on all real estate transaction activities.


Location Intelligence Tool

Designed to identify the best place to invest in property. It combines market knowledge, proprietary data, client requirements.


Customer Analytics Insights for Retail

Analyze retail spending behaviors by type of purchase, by store location or time. Calibrate maximize the potential of each retail store location.


Lease Administration Software

Designed to manage property portfolio, reduce operational running costs and identify portfolio opportunities. Sequentra® is a feature rich Software as a Service (SaaS) Real Estate lease management application.

Smart Building Management

<h3 style="font-size:24px; font-weight:400; height:31px; line-height:1.5;">PULSE</h3>


Online Property Management System

This easy-to-use digital platform enables you to proactively monitor and manage risk, maximize your asset and portfolio values. Pulse is a customized solution that can meet your commercial real estate challenges including Lease Management, Financial Reporting, Risk Assessment, Incident Management… Solution Pulse was built by CBRE property experts for property management teams, tenants and owners. Pulse is available all over APAC (Asia Pacific).
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Experience and Engagement

<h3 style="font-size:24px; font-weight:400; height:31px; line-height:1.5;">Host</h3>


Tenant and Employee Experience Platform

Host’s scalable product suite includes concierge-quality services provided by talented CBRE “hosts”; world-class customer service training and certification; and a powerful, enterprise-grade technology platform.

The Host mission is to increase individual well-being, personal productivity and organizational effectiveness through people-led, technology-enabled services. Put simply: our goal is to help people work smarter and delight in doing it.

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