CBRE WhatsApp Business Chatbot Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice

  1. Terms & Conditions
    These terms and conditions describe what you agree to by using third-party communication channels to communicate with CBRE (‘we’ or ‘us’ hereafter).
    1. Please DO NOT send sensitive personal information through our third-party communication channels.
    2. Please avoid sending any images, attachments, audio files or videos unless you are asked to do so.
    3. We cannot guarantee that the third-party communication channels are timely, secure, error or virus-free.
    4. We will not be liable for any leaks or usage of information by any third-party communication channel, any errors, omissions, or reasons outside of our control.
    5. You agree not to send us any offensive or other unlawful information through our third-party communication channels.
    6. If you receive a message from us by mistake, you are not to copy, forward, disclose or use any of it but to notify us immediately.
    7. We may suspend or terminate any third-party communication channels offered to you as a means of communication with us. We may also change the scope and features of a channel at any time.
    8. We may use another mean of communication channel to respond to your enquiries.
    9. The Chinese version of these terms and conditions is for reference only. In the event of any discrepancies between the English and the Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

  2. Privacy Notice
    1. We will collect, store, use and share your personal data in accordance with our Data Privacy Notice.
    2. We may record and monitor all communications with you to better answer your enquiries.
    3. The third-party communication channels you use to communicate with us will collect, store, use and share your personal data accordance with their own privacy policies.

Issued by CBRE Limited